Learn about the managed social
amenity space at Merlin Park

Swans in the Sustainable Urban Drainage System


In close proximity to Merlin Park, Griffon Fields is part of a popular and rapidly-growing community with a fascinating background. There’s a feeling here that connects you to nature, an expansion of horizons that encourages exploration, play and adventure. Not just for kids.

The natural choice:

  • Green spaces for play
  • Safe pedestrian and cycle routes
  • Valuable habitats for wildlife
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Building a community

The wider development has already proved a tremendous success. Being punctuated by communal outdoor areas, it also now includes a primary school and nursery which opened in September 2019.

Some of the green spaces near Griffon Fields have been developed to help create a great place in which you can live and prosper. This important infrastructure not only provides social amenity space and safe pedestrian and cycle routes, but also includes Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) in the form of shallow drainage channels called ‘swales’ connected to small ponds.

Management ecosystem

SUDS are an organic approach to managing drainage which in turn facilitate the effect of natural processes. The numerous benefits of SUDS therefore include prevention of water pollution, flood risk reduction and the provision of valuable habitats for wildlife.

To ensure the landscaped areas mature well and are properly managed, maintenance is provided by the Land Trust Group*. The service promises year-round management of the park including grass cutting, leaf and litter collection, maintenance of shrubs and hedges plus safety checks to ensure any facilities (such as play areas and SUDS) are adequately maintained.

*All homes will pay an annual charge towards the maintenance of Merlin Park. Further details can be provided by the sales advisor.

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